Straps and Bracelets

We can supply a strap for your watch if you are able to fit it yourself or you know someone who can. There are many hundreds of different straps in stock so we need to identify the watch model that you have. We will need to know: 

  • The brand of watch
  • The case back number(s). You might need a magnifying glass to see them properly
  • There may be more than one set of numbers, if not sure which one is the correct one write down all of them.
  • If there aren't any numbers on the back, please write down any numbers moulded¬†into the strap and on the clasp.
  • Storm watches have a name instead of a number, e.g. "Duex" or "New Vestine"
  • Timex watches sometimes have the model number engraved on the case back or on a sticker but often have only the movement calibre, e.g. 171, and a date code, e.g. W6. With these and a photo or description of the watch and strap we can normally identify the watch model.
  • The material of the strap or bracelet, e.g. black leather with crocodile pattern, steel and gold plated metal bracelet, brown leather without clasp, etc.
  • Colour of the case to match the buckle colour if applicable, e.g. gold plated buckle.